Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last Day in Prague

We slept in this morning since we had nothing to do with the tour which was awesome. We stayed up late last night half watching a James Bond movie in Czech. It was "The Living Daylights" which is actually filmed in Bratislava and they filmed in the square outside the opera house... where I was standing only 2 or 3 days ago.

I successfully navigated us to The John Lennon memorial wall by the Charles Bridge. It was very very cool to see that. The wall is where people gathered after John Lennon died and created a memorial. Since then, it has be one an ever growing art piece with sentiments of love and peace from locals and visitors alike, it is a beautiful thing to see. I may have indulged my inner hooligan and added something. It will be interesting to see if it is still there if I ever come back to Prague.

Lunch at Konírna:

Játra fricasse podávaný s jemnou omáčkou s citronem a hřebíčkem, dušená šunka, okurky a houskový knedlík (liver fricasse served with mild sauce with lemon and cloves, braised Prague ham, gherkins and bread dumplings) and Tradiční gulášová polévka s mírnou papriky a hovězí stopkou podávaný v teplém chlebu (traditional goulash soup with mild paprika and beef shank served in a warm bread bowl).

Super great goulash, the liver was great too. I've had more liver in the past week than in my entire life.

I have mixed feelings on Prague. I wasn't crazy about the city on Friday. We drove in through a very ugly area that was all train yards and communist block housing that was in disrepair. After getting settled, we walked to the nearby shopping mall which I now recognize was a pretty dumb idea. We walked into Tesco right in the middle of rush hour shopping on a Friday, something I wouldn't even do at home. There was no English to be seen or heard, it was very crowded with people yelling (they may have been talking, but it seemed like yelling at the time) in Czech which is a very harsh language that has absolutely nothing in common with the Romantic languages that I can understand at a toddler level. It was a definite culture shock experience, but I am glad it happened. Saturday was much better, but I felt constantly rushed by our tour guide, then we got a little lost on public transportation, but today was wonderful. Today, I was a huge fan of Prague, it was mostly empty and we were free to mosey around and take our time.

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