Wednesday, March 28, 2012

London Calling!

London is awesome. The £75 cab ride from the airport to Shilpi's was difficult to swallow, but we got there safe and sound.

Seeing Shilpi for the first time since Christmas was amazing! I always love getting back together with old friends because it feels like it's only been a matter of hours. Of course, we had a small amount of squealing and jumpy hugging, but then it was back to business as usual.

Shilpi is an amazing hostess and has planned out tour in four parts for our four days. Today was East London, which has a cool young hipster vibe. The graffiti here is amazing, nothing like the boring tags in the US. Granted, the US has some artistic work too, but not as often nor as meaningful. I wonder if the CCTV and the corrupt government inspired the young people more than back at home.

We wandered through a record store and then headed to an outdoor flea market which was interesting. Kind of similar to the DeAnza flea market back home, but trendier and with more clothing than "pre-loved" items. We stopped at one bar for a snack, to meet one of her friends, and have a cider, now we are at another bar having another cider and preparing to go out for pizzas with one of Shilpi's girlfriends.

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