Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We are currently driving through the English countryside on our way to see Stonehenge! As I explained to Erin and Shilpi last night, I've read about this place in books when I was much much younger and am just so excited to see it in person! It is actually one oft life goals to see Stonehenge, almost like an archaeologists/anthropologists's pilgrimage.

Today is also the first day we got to put our Oyster cards to use. After taking the bus twice last night, £2.30 per ride (ouch), we bought an unlimited week pass to use for all our bus/tube rides. I finally heard the "mind the gap" message this morning on the underground and almost laughed out loud.

Walking around Stonehenge was awe inspiring. I learned a few things about how the stones were put together, I didn't know there were tongue and groove joints between the sarsens and lintels as well as a ball and socket joint between the large sarsen with the hump. Tons of photos were taken and strict attention was paid to the audio guide.

On the ride back to the city center, I made the girls promise me that we could stop for fish and chips. We found an awesome hole in the wall place that made amazing food and milkshakes.

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