Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Very Vienna Evening

We are resting for a bit at the hotel before venturing out for dinner. I am itchy to get back outside in the sunshine and fresh air and am passing the time with The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (personal note: ask Grampa why on earth Congress wanted BenF in government after the Hutchinson/Oliver letter debacle that lost him his postmaster position).

Having learned our lesson last night, we will travel only on foot at night and not stray more than a few minutes from our hotel. We are located across the street from a Metro station, Pilgramgasse, a name that I have no problem remembering.

We walked one metro stop over to the open market where I bought some chile stuffed olives, cheese stuffed paprika, cheese stuffed salted meat and some cheese stuffed olives... and some chocolate bars. Then we found a cafe for dinner, Gräfin vom Naschmarkt.

Original wiener schnitzel vom krauß un't petersilkartoffen und preiselbeeren (wiener schnitzel from veal with boiled potatoes and cranberries) and a Ottakringer vom Fass.

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