Friday, April 27, 2012

Coldplay Concert!

In addition to being surprised by a few visiting relatives at work... My friend informed she has an extra ticket to see Coldplay tonight (4/27)!!

Coldplay happens to be one of my favorite bands, I actually purchased the vinyl version of Mylo Xyloto, so I am beyond stoked!

I always go into a concert with low expectations. Being loosely involved in the music industry (very very very loosely), I know how many artists and bands use scrubbing software and how many of the larger bands rely on it. I was blown away at how amazing Coldplay sounded with practically no help. There was an effects booth, of course, but I'm fairly positive they used it more for the video they ran.

That video and screens ended up being super helpful to us. Our tickets (free tickets from my friend's sister's employer) were in the upper deck of the Shark Tank in almost the last row. Since one of my friends was on crutches, they did us a solid and put us in the first row on the club level. We were behind the stage, but we could see the band below and had the video screen showing us the front angle.

The show involved these cool light up wristbands that were radio controlled to blink in time to a few of the songs. For a few songs, they turned off the lights and we just saw thousands of blinking colorful lights. It was breathtaking and definitely induced goosebumps. I felt super lucky to experience this with a few of my girlfriends.

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