Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adventure Date Day - Coit Tower Edition

Part of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is setting aside some time to goof off. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I planned an adventure date.

But before the date......... I spent 3.5 hours indenting the chest of a crash test dummy in order to get that card down there! I am now officially certified to perform CPR and use an AED in the state of California. I hope that I never have to use those skills, but I feel pretty confident that I'd be able to help someone if needed.

I keep this baby in my wallet, seriously

After blasting through a back and biceps session at the gym and noshing on a delicious "clean" burrito, BF and I headed up to San Francisco.

One thing you learn quickly in San Francisco is that it is not worth it to drive around the city from place to place, it is much easier to stash your car in a garage somewhere and walk! So we left the car near the Financial District and headed over to Nob Hill to visit a very famous landmark.

Coit Tower, with Christopher Columbus looking toward the bay
the Golden Gate and Marin Headlands, taken from the base of Coit Tower
Yesterday was the first time I've ever made it up inside the tower. We managed to time our visit perfectly, the sun was just going down over the ocean as we got to the top. We were lucky enough to have a pinky-orange sky with wispy clouds.

looking out toward the aptly named Sunset District

Treasure Island is behind us, Oakland is even further back

Then we schlepped back down Nob Hill, meandered through North Beach and Chinatown over to the Mark Hopkins International to visit the Top of the Mark. We had some delicious cocktails and a wild boar flatbread (San Franciscan for pizza, how hoity-toity) and then jammed over to Region back in the Financial District for dinner. 

Region was a totally awesome Groupon discovery. We had gotten a gift card from my Aunt for Christmas and this seemed like the perfect way to use it. We had a lovely dinner of lamb shank stew (me) and salmon (him) and split a caramelized banana flambé dessert that was absolutely delicious. We overheard a few other patrons asking what on earth we were eating and then ordering it for themselves. We're trendsetters.

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