Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holy Fitness

My grandfather told me that the first quarter of your life is spent learning, I feel like that is pretty accurate. I spent the majority of my first twenty-five years of life in school or learning on the job. Since graduation, my thirst for knowledge has not decreased. I still read and educate myself on topics I find important.

Having what could be considered "spare time" after graduating, I turned my focus to a new topic. That topic was my health and body. I had spent the majority of my college years unhappy with it. I didn't eat right and I sure as hell didn't think I had time to "exercise" aside from taking the occasional pilates class long walks with my mom and sister (...I know... reading that now, I don't know what I was thinking).

After graduating and moving out, I spent the first year on my own experimenting with my diet. I found different combinations of food that were effective for my body and some that were not so effective, but my progress stalled around 2010.

For most of 2010, I was stagnate. Until December, when I joined a gym. At first, I had no idea what I was doing. I would go, find a cardio machine, and I would pedal away for 30-60 minutes because that is what I thought working out was. I might do some "leg work" with the abductor/adductor machine because I saw other girls on it, monkey-see monkey-do kind of things. I think I tried the assisted pull-up machine one time just to see how it worked.

Then came Body Pump. Body Pump, or BP, changed my life by introducing me to weightlifting. I had walked by the classroom while a BP class was going on and I'd think to myself "wow... that looks cool and they have awesome music?? I have to try that!" But I'd find some excuse to delay it. After I took my first class, I was hooked. I quickly became a regular, going twice a week, dragging my friends and eventually my sister to class with me.

Eventually, I stopped progressing in BP and wanted to try something new. I decided I would try weightlifting out on the gym floor with all the big scary dudes. It was great! I happened to use the smaller pre-fab barbells that were too light for most the people on the floor and I would stand in front of the mirror and execute the moves from BP albeit slower and with heavier weights. I played around with reps and sets and the order of exercises.

My weights started getting heavier, fat on my body was replaced with muscle, weights got heavier again, I started eating more and I started caring far more about what I ate. People started to notice. I loved it and kept going.

I looked through some old photos today and was AMAZED at how my body has changed over the past 10 years. I went from being a "normal" (whatever that means) teenager to what I will affectionately term "chubby" adult to being thin and finally to fit.

Looking back feels good. :)

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