Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Killer 25

That's what I'm calling this bodyweight circuit I just created. I'm sure I'll make some tweaks to it over time, but it was exactly what I needed now and it was effective. My heart was racing, it still is! I finished about 5 minutes ago and my heart rate is hovering at 105bpm, a good 40bpm over my average resting heart rate!

It was a nasty circuit and I cannot wait to do it again! I want to use my Health Coach Certification to help people reach their fitness and health goals and a big part of that is promoting physical activity, especially hearth-healthy cardio.

I was talking with one of my friends earlier today and suggested that we get all the girls together once a month or so and do a bootcamp style workout in one of the bay area's beautiful parks. Many of my friends are active, like me. She loved the idea! I figured why not start practicing workout planning now? After all, there is no time like the present.

Before the Killer 25

The Killer 25!
[included exercises: burpees, jumping jacks, bicycle abs, bodyweight lunges, bodyweight squats, crunches, push-ups, and a plank]
I did this barefoot in my tiny apartment living room
you don't need any special equipment or a wide-open space, that said... please use common sense and do this somewhere other than your walk in shower or subway kitchen!

10 burpees*
20 jumping jacks*
10 burpees*
20 bicycle abs (you have to hit each knee for one rep, you should count 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc.)
20 burpees (I know these suck, but just think of all the amazing things they're doing for your body!)
20 jumping jacks
15 bodyweight lunges (step forward with first leg, push back to standing, step forward with second leg, push back to standing for 1 rep)
20 burpees
20 jumping jacks
30 bodyweight squats (you want to go A2G, ass-to-grass, get that booty down near the floor and squeeze it hard when you come back up!)
20 burpees
20 jumping jacks
30 crunches
5 push-ups
20 burpees (LAST SET!)
20 jumping jacks
30 second plank

*consider this your warmup and try to get through it without taking any breaks
if you need to take a few seconds to catch your breath, by all means do it! I had to pause a few times, especially after those burpees

After the Killer 25, you can't see the sweat rolling down my face, it was SO awesome/gross!!!

Those amazing burpee benefits I mentioned earlier? Besides the obvious cardio factor, there is no muscle group in your body that isn't hit in a burpee; legs, chest, shoulder, abs, arms, back, everyone gets invited to the burpee party.
Read more about it here:
Burpee Conditioning - No More Nonsense! By Russ Enamait
(^Russ' article on burpees is one of the best fitness articles I've come across in some time)

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