Saturday, April 13, 2013

'Bell of the Beach

Hello all!

I wrote a new circuit today that I'm very excited about. I'm currently nursing a tendon injury that is preventing me from hitting the weights as hard as I normally would, so this last week has been full of rest days and cardio.

I felt up to doing some light weights I made a plan, made a backup plan just in case I couldn't even handle a dumbbell, and I monitored myself very carefully.

I'm pleased to report that I experienced no discomfort!! I'm going to be extra cautious and take another week off of isolation exercises; but this next week, I will slowly add in compound lifts. Hurray!

A fabulous mantra, no?
If you're planning on doing this circuit, or any other workout, be sure you have eaten a nice big breakfast. Your body is a machine, it needs fuel in order to perform! Make sure it's a nice clean breakfast so you're is ready to kick some butt! Maybe some banana-oatmeal pancakes sound good to you?

I based these pancakes off of this recipe here. I tripled the recipe, added in two bananas and topped those suckers with some greek yogurt for extra protein! The tripled recipe made 7 pancakes (I used a 1/3 cup measuring cup to scoop the batter). Dr. Boyfriend had 4 and I had 3.

Onto the workout!

'Bell of the Beach Workout

A full body workout of exercises that can be done with with kettlebells (do you get it? :P ) or dumbbells. If you (or your gym) don't have a kettlebell handy, you can use a dumbbell or a medicine ball. If you're crafty, you could make your own weight out of an old gallon milk jug, sand and duct tape. You need something with decent heft to it and a handle. 

Remember, go at your own pace!! Listen to your body; if you need a break, take one! Be sure to keep yourself hydrated, drink some H2O whenever you feel the need.

The moves: squat, kettlebell swing, rear lunges, knees to chest, glute bridge, fire hydrants, and side planks w/reach-unders.

Here is a quick video demonstrating the exercises in the workout! I did a full circuit with just one quick break. 

It's not a pretty video, sorry. No music or words, just the sounds of the gym.

Warm up your body with a short walk on the treadmill, around the block, or by jogging in place for 1 minute. 

The Workout - Perform each superset and set 4 in order for 1 cycle, take a 30 sec break between each superset. Repeat the cycle 3-5 times. If you're done after 3, then you're done after 3. If you've got gas left in your tank after 3, shoot for 4 or 5. Know your limits, push yourself but not to injury.

Superset 1: squat & kettlebell swings
10 goblet squats (if this is too challenging, do body weight squats)
5 kettlebell swings

Superset 2: lunge & knees to chest
5 rear lunges (each leg), weight in hands and twist to front leg side (if this is too challenging, do body weight rear lunges)
10 knees to chest

Superset 3: glute bridge & fire hydrants
10 glute bridges, weight across hips
10 fire hydrants each leg

Set 4: side plank with reach-unders
30 seconds each side

This was a pretty monster workout for me. I did 5 rounds (the last round was the one I filmed and had super funkalicious breaks) and I completed the circuit in 32:35. According to my handy dandy PolarFT40, I burned off 295cal. Not too shabby! :) I had worked up a pretty good-sized appetite after this workout (I added in some other weightlifting to supplement), so I whipped up a huge chopped chicken salad.

1 cup of spinach/arugula mix, 1/4 avocado, 2 1/2 roasted beets, 1 apple, 1/2 cup grape tomatoes, 2 chicken thighs, and 1 T balsamic vinegar = 476 cal, 54g carbs, 13g fats, 37g protein
I've been enjoying some down time this past week. I've been hitting the books pretty hard, I'm loving the certification process, I am learning so so much. I've also been trying out some new snack recipes and snacks.

Oh, and smoothies! As a part of their #RESTweet campaign, the lovely ladies of Powercakes and For the Love of Kale put out a super delicious green smoothie recipe. I had been super wary of making my own green smoothie (side note, who else loves the Odwalla Superfood smoothie?!), but this recipe was so easy and so delicious. It was the perfect way to break in my new blender.

Sliced apple with Fage Total 2% with cinnamon, like apple pie fries! 

Cucumber chips and guac, got this one from my co-worker who went paleo for a number of months.

Kale chips!!! A standby and total favorite. I can't keep enough of these around.

Prunes with Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar, a sweet and salty combo that I like late at night for dessert.

The #RESTweek smoothie which may become a near daily staple in my diet, it's too good! 35g of protein!!!!
As if the snack photos weren't enough, here's a shot of the gorgeous view from the top of the hike Dr. Boyfriend and I took yesterday.

The dish trail offers totally awesome views of the Stanford campus, this is my go-to hike. :)

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