Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fit Cookie Bars

One fit cookie.

Someone called me that recently, which I absolutely loved... are you kidding? Two of my favorite things; cookies and fitness. :)

This, of course inspired a recipe. Much as I love cookies, they're not the healthiest of foods. Sure, that two ingredient cookie I posted a while ago is awesome, but sometimes, I want something a little different and with some protein. I had also been itching to try out the cocoa nibs I picked up at Whole Foods this week.

Power food indeed, these are DELICIOUS

Don't those sound awesome??? They are full of antioxidants (more than red wine and green tea), iron, and magnesium to boot! Some have proposed that cacao nibs might even help to improve heart health.

I had sampled the nibs a few times this week and I was really loving their nutty chocolate flavor. All the benefits of chocolate with none of the bad stuff that comes from processed chocolate, even the dark stuff? Yes, please, and thank you very much.

Before I get to the recipe, I want to ask you something. When is the last time you were able to actually receive a compliment? I don't mean brush it off with a "oh, haha, thanks, but..." and then put yourself down. I mean smile and say "thank you!"

This morning, while at the gym (of course), I was trying out some new wrist wraps during overhead squats. Overhead squats are a recent addition for me and I always question myself when it comes to proper form for the exercise. I can only see myself in the mirror from the front, I cannot see anything from the sides.

When I was about halfway through my sets, a trainer came over during my break and complimented me on my form. I started to brush the compliment off and those self-demeaning words were on their way from my brain to my mouth but instead, I smiled and said "thank you so much!"

I'm trying to extend this healthy lifestyle of mine to my mindset and that means not putting myself down, for any reason!

Try it sometime, it feels good.

Onto the recipe!!!

These lovely little bars get the Dr. Boyfriend stamp of approval!
Fit Cookie Bars (serves 8), ~40 min

1 C quick cook oatmeal
3 scoops of Vanilla Optimum Nutrition Egg Protein (or other powder)
2 ripe bananas
2 T raw cacao nibs
1 T Truvia baking blend
2 large eggs

Assembled and ready for action!
Preheat oven to 350ºF
Mix ingredients until combined well (the batter will be kind of runny)
Coat a 9X9 baking pan with non-stick spray and pour in batter
Bake for 20 min or until a knife inserted into the center is clean when pulled out
Turn out onto cooling rack and let sit 5-10 min, cut into 8 pieces

See what I mean by a little runny?

It's like letting meat rest once it's off the grill or out of the oven. It's worth the wait!!

Nutritional Information per serving (I got this by entering the ingredients into MyFitnessPal)
126 calories, 14g carbs, 4g fat, 12g protein

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