Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Super Full-Body Circuit

Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute since we've seen a workout around here...

I wanted to put together a really quick, but effective, circuit for y'all. I even made a video. Please, please, please don't be surprised when you hear me speaking, I sometimes get a little squeaky. :)

The circuit will have a warmup and then 4 rounds of 4 exercises. Sounds easy, right? Believe me when I tell you that you'll be breaking a bit of a sweat.

I stopped between the warmup and each round to grab a quick swig of water, be sure to take breaks if you need one!

I finished the warmup and circuit in 19:26, and burned 141 calories according to by heart rate monitor. Woohoo!

Love this HRM

The exercises in today's circuit: the 100, push-ups, lunges with a kick, roll-ups, and supermans

What's the 100? FitSugar does a better job at explaining this than I ever could.

Push-ups? Yes, push-ups. There are three variations you can do; from your knees, from your toes, one foot off the ground. Here's a quick (silent) video of the variations I'm talking about.

Lunges with a kick. Step backward into a lunge, as you push off and stand up, kick your swinging leg out in front of you, step immediately backward into a lunge again. When you finish your reps, switch to the other side.

Roll-ups? Lay face up on the ground, hands above your head on the floor (...make sense?), slowly bring your arms up and reach for your toes, slowly peeling your back off the floor, leading with your chest until you are in an upright seated position. Then, reverse the motion.

Supermans! Lay face down on the ground, arms above/in front of your head in a V shape, slowly lift your chest and arms off the ground as far as you can, hold for ten seconds and then slowly lower.

Want to see what one of the rounds will look like? You're in luck.

Onto the actual workout!!!

Super Full-Body Circuit
Warmup: the 100
Circuit: 10 push-ups, 10 lunges with a kick (each side), 10 roll-ups, 5 supermans
Repeat the circuit 4 times

I loved this workout, especially the lunges with the kicks, I felt so weirdly powerful when I was throwing those punches. Kind of makes me want to take a boxing class. I decided to round out this workout by going for a run around my neighborhood afterwards. I went 1.11 miles in 10:27, not too shabby!

What do you all think, is the circuit too easy? Too tough? Just right? Sound off in the comments!

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