Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The "I can't leave my home and all I have is this backpack" circuit

Like I said before, it's a very busy time at work right now. On Monday and Tuesday, we pulled 12 hr days... we'll more than likely do it again today.

Monday is my scheduled rest day, so that was ok with me. But by the time I went home (8:30pm), I was positively itchy to move after sitting on my behind all day behind a computer. So I set my alarm for 5:30am, fully intending on dragging my butt out of bed to get to the gym.

5:30am Tuesday came around and it was very clear that I was not going to the gym. I set another alarm for 6am (side note: anyone else find it funny how much difference a half hour makes?) and told myself I'd do an at home workout. I was just far too tired and cranky to deal with a gym shower.

Rolled out of bed, poured myself a cup of coffee (which is another hilarious and embarrassing story), and took a few minutes to brainstorm about what the heck I could do.

laptop + yearbooks + canned beans!!

I decided to load up my backpack with yearbooks and canned food and use it like a sandbag. I was able to cram 30lb worth of stuff into it and I managed to burn over 350cal in 50 min with the following circuit. You could just as easily do this in a gym with an actual barbell (and one plate and one dumbbell) and make things far easier on yourself, the backpack was cumbersome and not balanced which admittedly may have worked in my favor and given me a bit more of an ab workout.

The "I can't leave my home and all I have is this backpack" circuit
Warm up: 5 min of dynamic stretching
4 sets of 10 clean and press
4 sets of 10 bench press (lie on the floor)
4 sets of 10 seated military press
4 sets of 10 goblet squats (the backpack was way better than dumbbells or kettlebells for this!)
4 sets of 10 barbell glute bridge
10 sets of 3 weighted wide arm pushups
Cool down: 2-3 min of dynamic stretching

look at that straight back, that lifted chest, those knees behind the toes... which you can't see... it was 6am, sorry!
After my weight workout, I had fun with the #dharmayogachallenge, an Instagram challenge put on by the Dharma Yoga Center. Each day there is a pose that you photograph yourself doing. I had 4 poses to catch up on yesterday which was a ton of fun!

day 1 - tiptoe

day - inverted lotus

day 3 - tree

day 4 - boat
That small yoga practice was exactly what I needed to transition from weights to the rest of my day. 

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