Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nomming My Way Through July

I was looking through my phone recently and found a BUNCH of food photos that were too pretty/yummy looking to not share with y'all. So, without further ado...

What did Jillian eat in July?

Super easy to make at work and has a high protein content, very important to me.
Kashi Go Lean Original - this has the best protein content of any cereal I've tried
Vanilla whey protein shake - gotta have "milk" with your cereal ;)
Fresh sliced peach - peaches are my absolute favorite fruit! I have a peach cobbler in place of birthday cake on my birthday each year.

World's greatest avocado! Look at that teeny weeny pit!
 I made, and ate, a lot of guacamole in July. It was awesome! I made fresh from scratch guacamole, I had some premade guac from Trader Joe's, and I had some guac that you make with the premixed seasoning packets you buy in the grocery store. Lance and I had it on eggs for breakfast, on chicken for dinner, Emily and I had it with baby carrots at the beach. You cannot go wrong with guac!

I had half of two different flavors of cupcake. S'mores (right) is my alltime favorite, but I had to try the Banana Split (left) too!
 Mom did bring in cupcakes to work on my birthday. They were delicious. Banana Split cupcakes were so tasty, way better than I expected.

Mmmmm, more unhealthy food. :)
 I ended up celebrating my birthday for almost a week this year. My birthday was on Tuesday, I celebrated with my family on Wednesday, concert on Thursday, company Giant's game on Friday, beach with Emily on Saturday, Giant's game and dinner with girlfriends on Sunday.... it was so much fun! It also kept me really busy, so I deprioritized my diet a little and let myself eat whatever sounded good at the time. I kept it healthy for the most part, but when you're at the Giant's game, you need a hot dog and garlic fries.

This is a recreation of what Emily made to bring to the beach!
 Back to work on Monday! I was feeling full from everything I had eaten the day before, so I kept lunch super light and recreated what Emily had made us for lunch on Saturday. She has an absolute killer dressing recipe that I've been copy-catting ever since. Maybe if we ask her nicely, she'll let me share it with y'all.

Mid-afternoon treat
 My snacks tend to be very fruit based. This was an awesome one that was just a large peach, half a cup of fresh blueberries and then a tablespoon of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Drenched Cacao Nibs. So...darn...good.

One of the fussier snacks I've ever made.
 This was a "fancy" snack I made for myself at work. Fage 2% + a cup of raspberries, each raspberry was stuffed with one of those chocolate covered cacao nibs I mentioned above, and a half cup of pomegranate arils. Such a fancy-pants snack and it was sooooooooo good. Best part? It only took 5 minutes to make. Woo!

This might be a future recipe on the blog.
This guy was a pre-workout breakfast that I made over the weekend. It ended getting me through an hour and a half long lifting workout. I took Dr Boyfriend to "my" Gold's and we ended up spending way longer working out than we normally do.

I might do this on a regular basis, I take so many pretty (I hope??) photos of the food I eat...but never share them with you guys. What do you think of that idea?

How do we feel about that big breakfast in the last photo, do you guys want that recipe?

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