Friday, August 2, 2013

The Home Gym Workout

Hey everyone!!

I just finished one of the best 30 minute at home workouts that I've ever cooked up, so I'm a little endorphin happy.

I've got a few really awesome things going on in my life that I wanted to share!

First, work has slowed down a bit, now we're almost back to normal with just a few moments of panic. Kind of an ideal situation, those few moments keep me super engaged throughout the day.

Second, I've been killing it in the gym lately! I set new 1-RM PRs for squats (165lb) and deadlifts (205lb). Always hungry to improve on form and stack on more plates!!

Third, I've started participating in an Instagram challenge called #yogratitude. I highly recommend joining in if you're an Instagrammer who is into yoga! I get to practice at least a few minutes each day, snap a pic of the chosen pose for the day and post what I'm grateful for. It's a wonderful exercise in physical and mental fitness. Namaste <3

Check out that camel pose!!! It's been kinda neat being able to see myself in these different poses and finding areas where I can improve.

Last bit of awesome news.... Dr Boyfriend and I are planning a two week roadtrip! The kicker? We leave on the two-year anniversary of our first date. How insane is that?!

The roadtrip marks the start of my training for the 10k, so we'll be running/sightseeing in all the cities we visit across the US!

Anyways, I know you're all curious about that workout I mentioned. So, without further ado...

The Home Gym Workout!

Equipment needed: a removable pull-up bar (like this one from Iron Gym, this is the one I have), a resistance band, and a jump-rope! Basically, you need everything in the photo below.

Yeeeeeeek... I could stand to vacuum.... 

The moves: pull-up (any variation you're comfortable with), dips, bent-over resistance band row, resistance band squat

Here's a video demonstrating a few pull-up variations. First is the strict pull-up, second is a chin-up, third is a parallel grip pull-up, fourth is a negative pull-up where you jump to the top of the pull-up and lower yourself slowly.

Here's a video demonstrating a few dip variations. First is dips with your knees bent, second is dips with straight legs, third is dips with elevated legs.

Lastly, a video demonstrating the rows and squats.

The Workout
Warm-up: some jumping jacks, the Pilates 100, walking around the block, jogging up and down some nearby stairs... anything to get your body warmed up and limber.
Pull-ups: 3 reps of your chosen variation
Dips: pull the bar off of your door and do 10 reps of your chosen variation
Rows: 10 reps
Squats: 10 reps
Rest for 30 sec to 1 minute and start again with the pull-ups! You'll repeat this cycle three more times for a total of 4 sets of each exercise. Remember to hydrate!

After you've finished the work above, it's time for cardio. Bring your jump-rope outside to a hard surface, like your driveway, and don't forget your phone/timer! Set your clock for 5 minutes and start jumping! Take breaks as needed, you're not competing against anyone but yourself.

All told, you'll spend about 20-30 minutes going through this workout and you won't regret it! It's a fun and fast-paced workout.

Well, what did you think? Did you try it? Will you?

I'm interested to hear what you thought.

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