Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crossfit Style KB Workout and Carrot & Leek Chicken Stir Fry

Yesterday was one of those "get things done" days, I completely embraced Monday.

I think doing laundry, a crossfit style workout in my kitchen, roasting a leg of lamb, making chicken stir fry, and kicking butt at work qualifies as a strong start.

3 ways I like to start Monday off strong
1.) do a household chore, you start the week off having accomplished something
2.) work out, endorphin rushes on Mondays are better than any others :) (debatable?)
3.) cook at least one big meal so you have leftovers, saves you time later in the week

Before we get to that chicken stir fry, I promised you guys more of my workouts during this 12 week cut I'm on. To be honest, I'm not seeing the kinds of numerical results I want thus far and decided I need to make cardio more of a priority. (ugh) So I grabbed my kettlebell and got to work in the kitchen while my laundry was in the dryer and my leg of lamb was in the oven slow roasting. Ever worked out just feet away from lamb when it's cooking? I felt so caveman, pretty sure it was totally #paleo. (I kid!)

Crossfit-Style Kettlebell Workout: 10 two-arm kettlebell (KB) swings followed by ten burpees, catch your breath and then go again. You're doing 15 rounds for time. Dead easy, right? Not quite. The trick here is to use a heavy enough KB. 35lbs is at the top end of what I can handle with good form, I won't get as "good" (read: effective) a workout if I use a lower weight.

I added two "checkpoints" along the workout to see how I was doing on time. The first 6 rounds took 12:35, the second 6 rounds took 12:52 (math!), and the last 3 rounds took 8:51. I slowed wayyyyyy down toward the end.

I was hoping that my beautiful leg of lamb would be done roasting when I was done sweating in my kitchen, it wasn't. :( You have to roast stuff low and slow, it's worth it. I ended up whipping up some protein-packed carrot & leek chicken stir fry instead! You'll need a wok for this one. #wokitgurl

Carrot & Leek Chicken Stir Fry (serves 4)

4 chicken breasts (2.5lb), sliced
1 large leek, sliced thin
1 C chopped onion
3 small-medium carrots, shredded
3 T soy sauce (I love the low sodium kind)
3 T rice wine vinegar
2 large eggs

Heat the wok over med-high heat, add oil when wok is hot.
When oil starts to ripple, add chicken and cook until almost done, add onion 5 min in, ~10 min
Add sliced leeks, cook ~3 min
Add shredded carrots, cook ~3 min
Add soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, mix well
Add the eggs, stir eggs in and cook until the eggs are done, you'll see little white shreds covering the chicken and veggies.

Serve in bowls by itself if you want something lower carb or pair with rice/noodles if you want more carbs. Either way, top with hot sauce. :D

Nutritional Information per serving (I got this from entering the ingredients in MyFitnessPal)
473 cal, 28g carb, 9g fat, 71g protein, 4g fiber

Hope your week is off to an amazing start like mine!!!!!


  1. I would also want to try this today because I'm very confuse on the taste of it. Anyway, do you know any recipe for beef stir fry? I would like to cook that because my friend told me it's really delicious.

    1. Hey Jason,

      You could easily substitute beef for chicken using my recipe or using that one you linked in your comment. Sesame beef sounds pretty good!


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