Sunday, October 13, 2013

Farmer's Market Haul

Do you ever wake up in the morning and come to one of those realizations that you wish you could have come to sooner?

Today, I signed up for a CSA box. I have wanted to do this for SO long, I don't know why I waited. My co-worker was telling me about one she found, there's a drop off location less than a 5 min walk from our work building, I've been way disappointed with the quality of the veggies in the supermarkets around my place, and I already spend way too much time underneath fluorescent lighting to be shopping for my food underneath them a few days a week.

All these veggies (and fruits) for $24, couldn't resist the 3 bunches of flowers for $10 :D

My CSA deliveries start in November, so I headed to my local farmer's market this morning and dropped just $34 on an enormous bag of veggies and a few bunches of fresh flowers. :D

Reasons I'm switching from buying my fruits and veggies in a supermarket to "directly" from the farmer when I can.

1.) I want to start supporting the local farming industry
2.) I want to eat more seasonally
3.) Less chance of eating chemical crap, did you know that organic produce only has a 30% lower risk of being pesticide free? I can't be sure, but I'm assuming that if I buy from farmer's markets... I can trust that the stuff I'm buying has a better chance of actually being pesticide free.
4.) Buying produce outdoors in the sunlight is way more pleasant than being in a grocery store (even Whole Foods)
5.) I want to interact with the people who grow my food!!!!!
6.) I worked in a grocery store... the produce section is a really disgusting thing
7.) I don't want to have to think about what happened to my food when it was shipped from country to country
8.) The government shut-down means that the 1% of food that gets inspected before it enters the country is no longer being inspected... I found this out recently and was kind of disgusted that only 1% of food being imported is checked, I'd rather get my food from people rather than companies. I think the people will be more responsible about only selling good food.
9.) You can bargain at the Farmer's Market... can't do that at your local supermarket
10.) Free samples, tons of booths will offer you tastes of what they're selling :D

3 for $5

Part of a 3 for $10

Part of a 2 for $6

$1 per lb and $.25 from each person goes to Breast Cancer Research

Part of a 3 for $10

$1 per lb

$1 per lb

Part of a 3 for $10

Part of a 2 for $6

3 baskets for $8
I'm honestly not sure how much the leeks and kohlrabi were apiece, I just remember that I gave the dude $6.

I'm pretty excited for how I'm going to be eating for the next week!!!

I've roasted the red kuri and sampled the strawberries... but the rest is destined for fun stuff.

The kohlrabi and kale will become chips, the leeks will be sautéed with the delictata squash, the carrots will become "fries", the strawberries are destined to become Strawberry Chia Jam (recipe from Powercakes), and the artichokes will be steamed and eaten with mustard sauce.

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