Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up - Outdoor Yoga and a Baby Shower

This weekend was a kind of a reset for me. The 12 week cut is not really going as I anticipated... I had forgotten how hard (physically and mentally) it is to lose fat. I took a break from it all this weekend and really ate whatever looked good, didn't count calories, and didn't work out intensely. I have to say, it felt good. :)

Friday night started off with Happy Hour with a few coworkers at work, then Lance and I went to this cool Italian place called Very for dinner. We finished the night off getting some froyo at a different place downtown.

How good does that lobster ravioli (bottom center) look? I want to try making a healthier version of that at home!

My workout for that day was Kevin Cosgrove's "Evil 8" which is a wicked barbell complex that is completed in about 20-30 minutes. Just a heads up, that link goes to t-nation and their writing style is a little... extreme?

 I've done it before with 50lb, but decided to stick to just a naked o-bar on Friday...still super difficult. :) It's a great way to get some cardio in when you don't feel like doing steady state cardio and really just feel like throwing some weights around.

Saturday was really awesome, a bunch of us ladies got together to do an outdoor yoga class in Golden Gate Park to celebrate our friend Shilpi's birthday! We picnicked and sat around chatting in the park after class was over. We agreed that the class wasn't what we were expecting and that we'd like to try it again. I'm really excited to test this class out a few more times.

Big thank you to Nisha for sending me that top pic of all us Goddesses and Garlands! 
Football was what did me in on Saturday. All the games were really stressful, which meant I indulged my need to snack just to have something to do with my hands. Not super ideal. The snacks on hand were some potato crisps, pretzel chips, and Milanos.

If I'm 100% honest with myself, it's not that I'm disappointed in myself for eating these snacks. They were absolutely delicious and I have the leftovers sitting in my cabinet so I can have them again. Especially those pretzel chips... holy moly those are good. What I am disappointed with was my lack of effort to eat consciously. I opened the bags and then 4 quarters of football later I started to realize that I started snacking and never really stopped.

I haven't come up with a plan to stop myself from doing this next week, but I'll be darned if it happens again. I did find this when I googled "mindful eating" and while I think it's a great idea... I need more ideas for "mindful snacking while watching grown men plow into each other and throw around an inflated pigskin". Not exactly following their "eliminate distractions" tip, are we? :P


Then came Sunday when I visited my cousin. She is expecting and is being monitored by her doctors, so we had a mini baby shower of our own in the hospital. It was really neat! The things they can measure nowadays are astounding. Plus, I got to see an ultrasound while it was happening and that was all kinds of cool!

Check out that rainbow tissue paper!!!
One of my cousin's nurses follows a raw diet and was asking me about my lunch (kale, red kuri, and roasted leg of lamb btw), very cool lady.

That breakfast though, holy cats it was good. Oats with that strawberry chia jam, canned pumpkin, and greek yogurt. Super delicious.

Like I said at the beginning, my cut isn't going the way I planned and it has been way harder than I anticipated. But I plan on increasing the amount of cardio I do (modestly) and rewriting some of my workouts so they are more efficient and effective because what I'm doing now is not working. This is going to be a bit of trial and error, but I'm excited to see what changes I'm going to bring about!

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