Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Certifiable

I'm back!

It's been a crazy hectic couple of months, but I wanted to clue you guys in on a major development. I received my Personal Trainer certification from ACE!!!!!

This means you can expect to see more workout-geared posts in the future. I'm already dreaming some up and am excited to get them out and into the world where they can be utilized.

That's what you can expect in the future, but what about the past few months?!

I've been working on my strength building program, making good progress, but I've run into a problem. I was a little too ambitious when it came to how much I needed to add to my normal diet to facilitate muscle growth and am now carrying a little extra. I'm not too worried about it, I've revised my plan and have already reversed the process.

I've been keeping busy with hitting the books and with work, I switched my afternoon workouts to mornings. I'm now a proud member of the 6:30am crew! Getting up at 6am M-F has done wonders for my sleep cycle, bedtime is now around 9-10pm and I'm sleeping like a baby according to Fitbit. :)

Check out that super long REM cycle last night, awwwww yeah #beautysleep

I invested in a 6pack bag after coming to the conclusion that the amazing (tasting) snacks at work were going to become my downfall, I had never actually had Cool Ranch Doritos before last month...I'm a fan. I was looking for a large lunchbox that I could use to tote around all the food I'd need in a work day. I came across the 6pack bags first, tried googling for a less intense (read: cheaper) alternative, found nothing, and decided to go ahead and splurge/invest. Best decision I've made in a long time. It's so awesome! I'm able to carry around 5 small meals and 4 bottles and they stay cold all day! My meals have been healthier, I'm spreading my protein out more evenly throughout the day, and I feel good every night about what I've eaten that day. I call that a win!

Should I name him/her? I feel like I should!!! 

It's on the big side, I went with the Innovator 500 just to be sure I could bring everything I wanted in a day with me. I've never felt uncomfortable carrying it and it is surprisingly light for its size. My coworkers all loved it, I honestly thought they'd make fun of me a little, they say they're all jealous. :) Personally, I just love the little 3-d sixpack on the front. I'm also loving how easy this will make traveling!!! I just hate eating airport food when Dr BF and I fly back to Louisiana, this will make our lives so much easier!

I mentioned earlier that strength training is going really well, I have new PRs to share!!!!!
OHP: 80lb
Bench: 110lb
Deadlift: 210lb
Squat: 165lb

#gettingstronger :D

That's pretty much all that's happened to me lately. Keep your eyes peeled for some interesting exercise science to hit the blog later this week!

Until then, keep healthy!

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